About Us

No high school hook-up, No dating and No fairy tale love story!

The crazy match made with love in Heaven and solemnized on Earth, is a perfect example of what opposite attracts look like and how similarities strike! We are both Chartered Accountants. Jackie is working with a corporate in Dubai, whereas Sidi is an entrepreneur; he is meticulous and poised, whereas she is creative and ebullient.

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A common goal – to live as much of this gorgeous world as we can. We started our journey on April 30, 2018 and we have so far travelled to 7 countries.

We decided to take a plunge into the blogging world, realizing the importance of such blogs while planning our trips. Through Wander Nationals, we want to share our hands-on experience and insights, including:

  • Pre-trip research and planning, including visas
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Itinerary
  • Food – since we are vegetarians, finding food options in some countries can be challenging
  • Touring and local conveyance
  • Currency and costs

We love our professions as much as we love our travel. Hence, we believe that striking a right balance between work and travel is pivotal; after all, travel does not come free.

We intend to keep our blog posts open and interactive; so do share your experiences through comments. Someone rightly said that ‘Sharing is Caring’.

Happy travelling!