Turkey – A tale of two continents

“What you seek is seeking you.”

~ Rumi

The urge to explore the city of Istanbul dates back to the time when I was in school. Sometimes I feel, that this “no-install” era was bliss. The few sources of knowledge about the world were books, magazines, newspapers or TV shows. Don’t judge me from the lines, but yes, I’m a little old-school person. I remember reading a travel book in my school library, which had a euphoric description and pictures of the city, and I feel it got all imprinted on my neurons then. Flowing with the trend of bucket lists, Turkey definitely had to top that.

Turkey is bursting with breathtaking architecture, lip-smacking food and colorful flowers all around. It’s one country which we would love to go to more than once! Nestled on two continents, Asia and Europe, Turkey reflects the influence perfectly, and because of its unique geographic positioning, it was also the home to ‘The Great Silk Road’.

Our Turkey Guide

How to plan a perfect trip to Turkey – The best time to visit, visa process, transportation and getting around, what to wear and indicative costs.

Suggestive 10 Day Turkey Itinerary can be found here.

Turkey has numerous convenient and comforting options available for accommodation. Refer to our accommodation experience.

Turkey is a gastronomical delight for vegetarians. Refer to our mouthwatering experience.

The people of Turkey are very welcoming. You feel a sense of belonging everywhere. It has so much to offer which cannot be visited in a lifetime. We plan to visit the Turkish Mediterranean coastline next, which we hear is serene.

Snippets from our visit to Turkey. Do visit our YouTube Channel for more videos from Turkey

Have you been to Turkey before? Think something’s missing? Do let us know your experience and/or suggestions in the comments below.

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