Where to stay in Turkey

Key to strike a right balance between convenience and comfort


We prefer https://www.booking.com/ to book our hotels. It is reliable, with trusted reviews and has most of the needed information about a property. The reviews are a great help.

Our City wise Stay:


Ramada Old City, Fatih ($$) – This hotel is right in front of the Istanbul Tram Stop – Findikzade. Since, we were using the public transport in Istanbul, convenience was a priority. It was a basic hotel, but the convenience was unbeatable.

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Venus Hotel and Suites ($$) – The hotel was located at a short walk from the main area where all the restaurants are. The swimming pool was an added bonus. The restaurant had a lot of vegetarian options. An unexpected surprise for us was waking up to see hot air balloons from our room’s balcony.

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The Grand Elite Cave Suites ($$$) – The terrain is known for its caves and stone houses. We definitely wouldn’t have missed a chance to live the ‘Flintstones’ life 😛 . We got a luxury cave suite with a Jacuzzi and sauna. We believe this was a great bargain for the value that we received. We also saw the balloons from the hotel site. Cappadocia region is divided into various towns. We decided to stay in Goreme, as it is the liveliest, with numerous restaurants.

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A Quick Tip: The hotels in Cappadocia get sold out very fast, so book them well in advance.