Vegetarian food in Jordan

Middle Eastern food has a lot of delicious vegetarian options (Hummus, Falafel, Foul, etc.), hence we never faced a challenge traveling in this region as vegetarians. Jordan did not disappoint as well. The places we tried in Jordan were:


One of the must-visit restaurants in Amman is the Wild Jordan Centre – many vegetarian and vegan options available along with the city and citadel views.

Indish – Indian restaurant – decent food but we found it on the pricier side.

If you like Lebanese cuisine, there are a lot of options ranging from fine dining to street eats. Hashem is a gem. Situated in a tiny lane of the bustling market, it is one of the oldest rest in Amman and most loved by the locals. English is not common at this place, so you need to know your food well. We ordered the basics – hummus and falafel (believe us, they were the best ones we have had till now), and like most of the Lebanese rest. Bread and salad sides are served complimentary. It was also one of the most economical meals we had in Jordan (3 JD only for a meal for two!!).


Food can be difficult around Jerash, though there are few local cafe shops serving good coffee and some snacks in the site hall, getting a vegetarian meal can be difficult. We munched on some snacks that we bought along and a coffee from a coffee shop in front of the ticket office. Dinner was planned for Amman at our local favorite – Hashem.


While most of our meals were in our hotel (Petra Kitchen was one of the top-rated restaurants with a lot of vegetarian options – amazing food), there are many restaurants around the Petra site main Gate and the main Petra Town. We had pizza and sandwiches at one of the shops on Petra Road. Lebanese cuisine was also available at many restaurants.

After almost half our trip, our quest to try the local vegetarian dishes was still on. Gladly, we found a restaurant in Petra town (Al Wadi Restaurant – again a top-rated one, did not disappoint at all) which served a few vegetarian versions of the local Jordanian cuisine. We had a local rice dish Maklouba, which was more like mixed veg. pulao along with ayran (Turkish yogurt-based drink).

Wadi Rum

On your Jeep Tour, you’re often stopped at small camp cafes mostly around the viewing spots, which serve tea, biscuits, and some snacks. We just tried the tea and had our packed snacks.

Most of the tent stays in Wadi Rum are offered inclusive of breakfast and dinner, and you get some decent options for vegetarian preferences. You may also inform the hotel while booking about your meal preferences and ask if they could be accommodated.


Aqaba is an urban town famous for tourists and thus bustling with many eateries. We found an Indian restaurant – ‘Mirchi’ which was located at the Ayla Oasis (a beautiful upscale locality with amazing views and a great place for a leisure walk after your food). Ayla Oasis hosts many restaurants ranging from Greek to Jordanian cuisine.

Dead Sea

You will spend most of your time in your resort chilling. All the resorts have multiple restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, with sufficient vegetarian options.

It was fairly easy to find delicious vegetarian food in Jordan. We could get Hummus, Falafel, and Foul (fava beans based dish – our favorite) almost everywhere. We were also lucky to find some Indian options in Amman and Aqaba for a change. Being a vegetarian should not be a challenge to travel in Jordan. Of course, you can always carry some pre-packed food, just in case you crave something from back home, but not needed in bulk.