Where to stay in Jordan

We prefer this site to book our hotels (Booking.com). It is reliable, with trusted reviews, and has most of the needed information about a property. The reviews are of great help. We also have a Genius Level 3 now (with so many bookings), which provides great deals (discounts, free breakfasts, free upgrades).

Our city-wise stay:


Prefer something near the city center to get all the vibes and also proximity to the various attractions.

We stayed at a local boutique hotel – The House Boutique Suites ($$). It was perfect for a three-night stay, as the rooms were very spacious (with a fully functional kitchenette as well, in case you want to cook some quick meals).


Prefer something near the main gate of Petra city. There is a lot of hiking inside Petra, so you want to reach your hotel as early as possible once you exit Petra in order to relax. Also, it can get crowded during the peak season, so you do not want to be stuck in traffic while returning.

We stayed at The Petra Boutique Hotel ($$). Luckily for us, it had amazing food as well for vegetarians. For those wanting to splurge a bit, there is a Movenpick Resort right next to the main gate.

Wadi Rum

You can’t miss the experience of staying in a bubble tent. We stayed at UFO LUX Bubble Hotel ($$), which was value for money. There are more luxurious options as well.

Dead Sea

Perfect relaxation at the end of the trip, go ahead and splurge a bit. There are many upscale resorts in the area. We stayed at Movenpick Dead Sea ($$$).